Are you a beer lover? Do you want to get unforgettable beer experience? If you are in Birzai, visit the Rinkuskiai Brewery and you will get what you want!

Rinkuskiai is one of the top 5 breweries in Lithuania. the brewery is situated near the Birzai city, which is known as best beer makers in the country. Visiting the brewery you can see how the beer is born from the start and to taste the very result. The excursion through the all facilities of beer making is remarkable – you can even smell, how the beer is making his path to the glass. What can be better for the huge company?

As they say: Rinkuškiai beer quality is the result of old traditions of Beer Country, experience of the past generations, and innovations of the modern days. That makes Rinkuškiai beer one of the most exclusive in Lithuania.

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